WhatsApp New Data Policy Changes

March 11, 2021

As we reported in our February 2021 newsletter, WhatsApp has decided to enforce a new privacy term for users in India that allows sharing data with their parent company, Facebook. Due to an outcry from Indian users and government opposition, WhatsApp postponed the effective date of the change from February 8 to March 15.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of India agreed to examine the new WhatsApp privacy policy on February 15th. The Court made it clear it would not allow sharing of data by the company and gave WhatsApp four weeks to file an affidavit. 
A survey of Indian organizations by Deloitte: revealed that:
  • 87% have begun getting ready for data privacy regulations;
  • 80% have a defined data retention policy;
  • 35% turnover data to business process owners for final disposal;
  • 30% erase data automatically, after retention period of data is over;
  • 56% of B2C organizations have performed assessments as per applicable privacy laws;
  • 57% of B2B organizations said they haven't looked at privacy readiness; and
  • 43% of respondents said they have appointed a data protection officer. 
HRPI View: Wait and watch this space for news on the Supreme Court’s verdict on this issue. However, we continue to maintain that companies decide what social platforms they must leverage for internal business purpose, and formulate a data privacy policy, if they have not done so already.