One Fun Thing: HR to Mean "Humans and Robotics" at Finnish Investing Firm

August 03, 2018

Hydraulic oil runs thicker than water at Finland's largest private investment firm, where its incoming CEO plans to rename human resources "humans and robotics."

Incoming CEO Jouko Polonen says the move is about "learning new skills and changing the way we work."  The firm's HR department now includes experts on robotics in order to "analyze how processes could be handled in a better way."

"HR needs to take responsibility" for the way new technology is altering the workplace, Polonen said.

The company has one robot, named Tarmo, on its staff list.  Reports say that employees don't see Tarmo as a threat, but rather "a colleague who can take care of the dullest jobs and routines."  Tarmo, meanwhile, was not asked for its opinion.