ManpowerGroup: Global Talent Shortages Reach 12-Year High

June 29, 2018

While some are predicting widespread labor market disruption due to technological developments, a ManpowerGroup report finds organizations are increasing headcount in 42 of 43 countries surveyed, with global talent shortages reaching a 12-year high.

Sixty-seven percent of large employers reported talent shortages in 2018, significantly more than smaller employers and over twice as many as employers with less than 10 employees.

"Soft skills" such as learnability are gaining importance, with ManpowerGroup Chief Talent Scientist Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic saying, "Companies that manage to create that culture of curiosity and nurture their workforce's 'hungry mind' can be expected to outperform their less curious rivals in the future."

Fissured workplace?  Only 16 percent of employers surveyed reported looking to outsource work to overcome talent shortages—a three percent drop from last year—and 30 percent reported exploring alternative work models (i.e., contract, freelance, or temporary work).  Fifty-four percent, by comparison, reported upskilling their own workforce.