Jobipedia Releases "Unlocking LinkedIn: Keys from Fortune 500 Hiring Experts"

May 05, 2017

Jobipedia released the fifth installment of its eBook series, Unlocking LinkedIn: Keys from Fortune 500 Hiring Experts, which outlines the importance of creating a LinkedIn profile as soon as possible, the central elements of a LinkedIn profile that attract recruiters, and how to intelligently stand out on the professional networking website.  Many college students understand LinkedIn is a valuable resource when looking for a job after graduation; however, many do not create a profile until after they have graduated.  And some are looking for guidance on what to include on their profile.  To help students better connect with employers through LinkedIn, Jobipedia will disseminate printed copies of these eBooks to college campuses across the country.  Companies contributing to Jobipedia frequently request printed copies for recruiters to distribute when visiting college campuses and to their various interns, co-ops and colleagues within the organization.  For a small contribution, Jobipedia will provide 750 copies of this latest eBook, each individually branded with your company logo.  Additionally, we will run a 30-day digital advertisement in The Wall Street Journal promoting the valuable resources available on Jobipedia.  Your company will be included in this digital ad campaign if a contribution is made for the eBook.  Click here for more information about this special offer.