Jobipedia Pulse: Employers Should Revisit Degree Requirements for Certain Roles

January 12, 2018

Articles in this month's Jobipedia Pulse recommend that hiring managers review which roles truly require a bachelor’s degree.  Quoting a report by the Harvard Business School, the article identified that “almost 70 percent of job postings for production supervisors, for example, asked for a bachelor’s degree even though only 16 percent of the workers already employed in that occupation had one.”  Another article from the Wall Street Journal explores how machines and intuitive programs will support staff by managing tasks from scheduling to performing complex functions like data mining.  Jobipedia Pulse—a free monthly newsletter that consolidates relevant and noteworthy articles related to hiring, recruiting, internships, and training and development—helps hiring experts and their colleagues in talent acquisition stay up to date on relevant topics about today's workforce, and trends in hiring and recruiting.  If you or any of your colleagues are interested in this type of information, you can subscribe to the Jobipedia Pulse monthly newsletter here.  If you have any questions, please email Mike McGuiness at