HR Policy's Recruiting Software Initiative Awards Badges of Excellence for Compliance and Returns to Infor Talent Science

December 07, 2018

By demonstrating a thorough approach to ensuring data security and compliance and exhibiting that its system reduces turnover and attrition while improving the overall quality of talent sourced, Infor Talent Science earned Badges of Compliance and Returns from the Association’s Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) Review Board.

Infor demonstrated a thorough approach to ensuring data security and compliance.  An entire department at Infor is dedicated to this task.  The service provider strictly adheres to recommendations issued by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and guidelines promulgated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Further, Infor measures for disparate impact at each of its clients, something not often seen among HR vendors in this field.

Infor provided success stories showing that in addition to reducing turnover and attrition, it improves the overall quality of talent sourced.  One case study presented findings that showed talent assessed and recommended by Infor performed at a higher rate in their roles compared to those in the pipeline not assessed.

The RSI was created to help the Association's membership better evaluate new talent acquisition software solutions that have the ability to improve efficiencies within the hiring and recruiting life-cycle.  The RSI Review Board is a dedicated team of talent acquisition leaders from member companies collaborating to evaluate HR vendors willing to participate in its comprehensive review process.

A member-exclusive RSI database provides valuable insights into this emerging market and information on vendors participating in the assessment process.  Input from new vendors is being added as they enter our evaluation process, and information on those already participating is being updated as their systems are improved.

The RSI Review Board regularly hosts webinars with vendors to evaluate the true functionality of their application.  These Friday webinars are now open for any HR Policy member to attend.

If you are interested in learning more about how to attend an RSI webinar, or about the broader RSI work, please contact Director of Talent Initiatives, Mike McGuiness, at