HR Policy Recruiting Software Initiative Launches Database of HR Solution Providers

October 12, 2018

This week, the Association’s Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI) Review Board awarded Badges of Excellence to 15 human resource solution providers and launched its online database designed to help members better navigate the hiring and recruiting software solutions that are rapidly emerging in the HR marketplace.

The RSI Review Board is a dedicated team of member company talent acquisition leaders chaired by Stephanie Lundquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Target Corporation.  The objective of the Initiative is to identify innovators deserving consideration by HR Policy members.

Information on 32 vendors participating in the RSI Review Board’s rigorous evaluation process may be found in the RSI database, including information regarding each platform’s functionality and candid assessments from the talent acquisition experts who comprise the Review Board.  The RSI database also contains recorded web demos conducted by vendors with members of the Review Board.

Available exclusively to the Association’s membership, the RSI database provides valuable insights into this emerging market and the vendors that have participated.  Input from additional vendors will be added, and existing information will be updated to provide as broad a perspective as possible.

If you or your colleagues have any questions about the Recruiting Software Initiative, please contact Mike McGuiness, Director of Talent Initiatives, at