House Passes HR Policy-Supported Repeal of ACA Cadillac Tax

July 19, 2019

An overwhelming majority in the House voted 419 to 6 to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s 40% excise tax on employer-provided health care benefits, substantially increasing the odds the Senate will also move a bill addressing the tax later this year.

The American Health Policy Institute provided substantial thought leadership on the issue and HR Policy has strongly supported delaying or repealing the tax since it was enacted.  AHPI studies on the harmful impact of the excise tax include:

Outlook:  The bill (H.R. 748) now moves to the Senate, where it will likely be packaged with other tax provisions in end-of-year legislation.  Some members will seek to include provisions to repeal the ACA’s medical device tax and health insurance tax on fully-insured plans, but if additional measures get added to the bill, it increases the likelihood the excise tax will be delayed instead of repealed.