Hiring: Surveys Indicate Employment Optimism

March 11, 2021

Optimistic About Jobs: Various Surveys on the employment market indicate:
  • 53% of Indian companies are looking to hire (Michael Page Talent Trends, January 2021)

  • Most people are optimistic about job and pay rise prospects (Indeed Global Survey Trend, December 2020)

  • 25% of companies showed hiring intent at junior level and 24% at mid-level (TeamLease Employment Outlook Survey, January 21)

  • Cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad lead the growth for IT job postings (Monster Employment Survey, February 2021)

  • New age companies and start-ups registered a 35% growth in headcount in 2020 (Xpheno Survey of 240 companies, Feb 2021)

  • Hiring activity recovered 14% in December 2020 and year-over-year  hiring shows a decline of only 10% (Naukri Jobspeak Survey, January 2021)
Highly-sought after fields include data analysts; AI, MI experts; design and product developers; IT security managers; cloud services experts; financial analysts; business development managers; and digital business developers and marketeers.
Freshers: Hiring is likely to witness a significant uptick as companies are keen to hire freshers across job roles according to a survey by TeamLease Edtech. Hiring intent improved 2.5 times compared to the lockdown period. Employers expect freshers to be equipped with domain skills, such as product and service advertising, data analytics, web and mobile app development, and spreadsheet skills. Additionally, they ideally possess soft skills like reasoning, analytical thinking, complex problem solving, active learning and critical reasoning.
Gig/Contractual: At least 1 in 4 people hired in 2021 is likely to be a gig worker or a contractual employee. The hiring intent for variable and flexible work force shows a sharp jump from 18% in 2020. Two reasons account for this trend: 
  • Work can still happen even if an employee is not sitting in the office, and
  • In the current environment, almost every business has become especially sensitized towards sustainability and profitability.