Five Ways to Get the Most Out of “HR Policy Online”

June 19, 2020

Our exclusive online hub is live.  Members can now access HR Policy Online to ask questions and share information with peers and the HR policy team—but how do you use it?

  1. Bookmark HR Policy Online:  Access to HR Policy Online can be found at

  2. Update your profile, picture, and privacy settings:  First, log in with your HR Policy credentials.  Then scroll down and click “Update Profile Information” to add your picture.  Click "My Account" to update your privacy settings and choose what information you share about yourself.  Under privacy settings, make sure to select "Members" for “Send Message” and “Add as Contact” to allow other HR Policy members to connect with you!

  3. Browse the available communities:  HR Policy members have several communities available already—the Coronavirus Response Network included.  CHROs can access “The CHROs Nest” while APERG, HR Policy in India, and Future Workplace Policy Council members have access to their own private forums.  Additional communities will arrive soon!

  4. Connect with your peers:  Use the directory to search for your peers and establish connections to broaden your network and message privately!

  5. Post and contribute:  Most importantly, do not hesitate to jump in and create posts and respond to your peers.  The collective knowledge of the membership is our greatest resource!

If you need assistance accessing HR Policy Online, please contact Henry Eickelberg.

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