Federal Contractor Affirmative Action (OFCCP)

HR Policy and its members strongly support good-faith affirmative action and the goal of including all individuals in the workforces of government contractors.   For all companies, one of the most important human resource activities is finding, acquiring, and retaining the best talent to staff the organization using available resources.  Such staffing enables the company to provide the best possible products and services and to be competitive.  Employers seek this talent wherever it is available, and affirmative action is taken to ensure that no individuals or groups are overlooked and that all are given careful consideration.  Indeed, HR Policy members have been at the forefront of employer efforts to adopt and expand on the basic principles of fundamental fairness and a “level playing field” for all applicants and employees.  At every stage in the long history of affirmative action, HR Policy members have been leaders in achieving the goals of affirmative action by recruiting and hiring people on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to membership in any protected group.  However, the HR Policy Association strongly disagrees with efforts to transform affirmative action from a good faith effort requirement to rigid, prescriptive and costly approaches that are tied to numerical “goals.”