BEERG Brexit Blog: A Personal View on Brexit and Ireland

September 14, 2018

BEERG Executive Director Tom Hayes draws a personal and profound portrait of the lessons learned in Ireland, his homeland, as it joined the EU, and the parallel dangers the UK now faces as it leaves.

Peace and economic prosperity found a home in Ireland after it opened its borders and joined the EU’s single market.  Northern Ireland, led by then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, saw a similar revival.  According to Hayes, “This great single market is now being carelessly thrown away by a UK Conservative government, many of whose members think of themselves as Thatcher’s heirs.”

"There are very long days ahead and hard choices to be made,” Hayes writes.  “Whatever happens in the months ahead we Irish know that our future lies with the European Union.  There is no future for us in returning to be an isolated island behind a bigger, isolated island.  We had hundreds of years of that.  We are not going back.”

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